Corporate Events

Looking to treat your staff to a sweet treat? We offer many different options for a company. We are happy to deliver any of our treats to the office, bring our truck or we can come and offer any of our dessert bars. Find our list of treats under our dessert catalog tab or the available bar options below.

Cookie Bars

We have a few different cookie bar options. Our first bar features our delicious drop cookies that will be served to staff from our large cookie jars. Next, you can have the same delicious bar of cookies, served with different cool refreshing milk options. Lastly, we have our deep dish out of the skillet style cookies to be adorned with buttercream/ icings and topped with different toppings creating a custom cookie creation for your staff to love.

Dessert Truck

Our trucks love cruising around and stopping at businesses to offer sweet treats mid-day. We are able to offer a wide variety on our trucks bringing our full set up and scrumptious baked goods. Contact us today to see if we are available to come serve tasty treats to your staff.

Cupcake Bar

The cupcake bar brings all the wonderful components of great cupcakes to your office and gives your staff the ability to build the perfect cupcake to enjoy during the workday.